“Sorry for the iNCONVENIENCE”

Posted on: October 20, 2011

You might be getting curious what’s behind the “Sorry for the inconvenience” signs around baroue. 

The moment you step inside the arcades area at the first level, you will surely feel lost with the Goal area currently closed and a huge partition which stops you from proceeding to the former skating rink or through the party area. 

Don’t get lost or feel unwelcomed after reading the huge NO ENTRY SIGN which advises you to use baroue’s main entrance and the mall’s escalator or lift to bring you to the ground floor of the store. 

So what has happened to the skating rink, walking animals, bumper cars and slot car racing?  Well  really all these will be answered in a few more weeks as baroue is undergoing several refurbishments and renovations, in its continued commitment of giving nothing but the best quality entertainment and services.

The TOYS area has also been slightly changed with a few movement of the several display which now stands beside some of the fashion gandolas.  The party room has also moved to the ground floor, near the entrance to the Sea Serpent at the  back area of thes store.  Not only that, if you might notice right at the very front of the ground’s main entrance, you’ll see a temporarily covered area starting from the show window up to the area for baby’s fashion.  Well, this is something you wouldn’t want to miss as this is something really new and nice and soon to open!

There are actually lots of things happening and more exciting stuffs coming for baroue.  However for now, we fervently seek your consideration for the inconvenience this might cause you, one way or another, and continue to thank you for the continued patronage.



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